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It is possible to print imprints with different formats, content and purpose. If you need to produce periodically a large quantity of simple imprints or if every sheet is unique and includes different data, or printing servise is just for you. Print black and white, colored, one-sided and two-sided advertisements. Printing speed of one-sided black and white imprint is up to 15 000 A4 sheets per hour.
  Black and white Colored
The minimum format of paper 13,75 cm x 20 cm 10 cm x 14 cm
The maximum format of paper 31,50 cm x 48,20 cm 31,50 cm x 48 cm
Weight in grams 60–250 g/ 64–300 g/

It is possible to put numerous letters or different advertising material in one envelope and therefore forward numerous messages with only one letter. In addition to printing the address to the letter, print also different messages and make your message clear and memorable. Enveloping is possible in different formats both manually and automatically.
  • Automatic enveloping
    C65 and C5 windowless and winow envelopes are suitable for automatic enveloping. It is possible to add up to seven sheets and three extra materials to the envelope. The speed of enveloping is up to 20 000 letters per hour.

  • Manual enveloping
    All envelope formats are available (C6, C5, C65, C4) and also safety envelopes, letter bags, bellow envelopes, plastic envelopes

  • Special solutions
    An interesting and striking packaging helps contributes to the success of the advertisements. Lets work together and find suitable solutions. Printing solutions to packages, packaging different products , assmebling products and other services to post imprint successfully are available through our company.

It is possible to address:
  • Printing the address with text to a form and envelope a window envelope
  • Printing the address straight to the envelope, the imprint and to the laminat
  • Variety of address labels with different measurements and colors

Printing the address to the envelope
Envelope formats: C6, C5, C4. It is not possible to print for covered envelopes.

Printing the address to the imprint and to the laminat
The minimum thickness is 160 g/m² and the maximum thickness 1 cm. Suitable formats are A5-A4. We also print to diffferent materials – covered paper, laminat and cartong.

If you need to print numerous similar documents, which differ only by a number, then we give each document both black and white and a colored unique number while printing.

Protect your imprints against damages and have them laminated. Laminating gives a great opportunity to assemble different materials and add product samples.
  • Standard laminating
    Laminated magazines, catalogues and instructions are protected against damages and to the laminat it is possible to print immediately a recipient’s address. During the lamination, it is possible to easily assemble different materials.
  Standard laminating
Maximum measurementes 41 x 29 cm
Minimum measurementes 21 x 29 cm
Maximum thickness 3 cm

Give your book covers, business card, post cards and posters more bright and respectable appearance and protect them against damages from laminating them with glossy or matte laminat. It is possible to laminat one-sided and two-sided. The biggest possible format to laminate is A3, the thickness of the material is from 70 g/m² to 400 g/m².

Bind printed and typed materials to a manual, brochure or a catalogue. We operate with glue, clamp and comb binding. It is possible to choose between different colors to clamp and comb binding.

Wire comb binding:
  • Thickness 3:1, up to 16mm
  • Thcikness 2:1, up to 38mm
  • Square
  • Different colors

Clue binding with thickness up to 10mm

Folding is operated automatically and manually. Suitable formats are A6–A3 and thickness 60–200 g/m².

If you wish to add additional sheets or different material to your shipment, order the shipment assembling. According to your wishes it is possible to add product samples in specific pages of the magazines.

Leave the presorting of your shipment to us. We sort your shipments according to the delivery date, destination country, address or any other aspect. Presort your shipments automatically and manually and add necessary labels and international postage stamps to your shipments.

We complete extra work within 3 working days in the amount of 1–5,000 items from the receipt of the order and/or receipt of the materials. In the case of larger amounts, please agree with your account manager on the completion time.

We also do express deliveries:
  • 24 hours from the receipt of the order and/or receipt of the materials
  • Valid for amounts up to 5,000 items
  • Fee €99 + VAT + additional services

For the address, we require a database as an Excel file in the form below:

Printed files in the PDF and/or DOC format are necessary for printing

Materials for extra work can be brought to the address 28 Pallasti or sent with a courier. A delivery notice must be attached to the materials.

Pallasti 28, 10001 Tallinn, e-mail: [email protected] Customer information: 661 6616