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Fixed-term deposit
  • Minimum amount of money is 300 euro
  • The amount of deposit is not limited (except deposits of 1-5 months, where the maximum amount of deposit is 1500 euro per client)
  • According to the wishes of the client, the fixed-term deposit is 1-60 months, for annual interest payment the deadline is only in full years – 2,3,4 and 5 years.
  • Interest rate depends on the length of the deposit period and agreed interest payment arrangements
  • Loan amounts starting from 300 euro
  • Loan repayment period is 12-60 months, and 120 months for standing customers
  • Interests from the loaned amount is 15.5% a year
  • Entering into a contract fee is 1.25% of the credit amount, but at least 31.95 euro, which is deducted from the loan
  • laenu saavad taotleda kõikide pankade kliendid, selleks ei pea palk BIGBANKi laekuma ega arveldusarvet omama
  • Loan applicant must be at least 18-year-old citizen of the Republic of Estonia or a foreigner who owns a valid residence permit or a stateless person
  • Money accrues to client’s bank account within two days after the loan contract has been signed
Using BIGBANK services
  1. You can use BIGBANK services in BIGBANK offices or post offices throughout Estonia, internet www.bigbank.ee or by the phone 1333
  2. It is possible to enter into agreements in post offices until Monday to Friday 9-18. On Saturdays only applications are accepted, answers arrive on the next Saturday
  3. BIGBANK notifies the client about the decision of the loan application and then agree upon which post office to come and enter into an agreement.

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