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How to receive a registered e-letter?

We will send a link to the e-mail of the company that provides the access the sent document after having given the digital signature. A registered e-letter can be received by a person who is authorized by the company to receive registered e-letters. You can give the digital signature with your ID card or Mobile-ID. If you would like the e-letter made accessible to others, download it from the e-service. Later on, the sent e-letter can be accessed through the link only by the person who opened the letter first.
How to receive hard copy letters (on paper) in an e-mail box in a digital form?

Leave the management of paper letters with us and subscribe for receiving digital copies to the e-mail address.

Digital copies of incoming letters are sent to you as PDF files, paper originals will be deposited according to your judgment. For example, we can store them for a month in lock boxes in a security room, and bring them altogether to your location once a month

  • you can get the information contained in incoming mail more quickly;
  • you save your time spent on paper mail scanning and recording;
  • you reduce in-house circulation of paper mail;
  • you save costs.

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