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Why work for Omniva?

Omniva is a state-owned international logistics enterprise. We transfer parcels and information and service approximately ten thousand business clients all across the Baltics, all Estonian residents and a major part of Latvian and Lithuanian population.

We are one of the biggest employers in Estonia. Our employee base includes about 2300 employees, majority of them in Estonia and approximately one hundred in Latvia and Lithuania. A majority of our employees come in contact with clients daily, delivering different parcels, serving them in postal offices or offering different logistics solutions depending on their needs.
Our employee base is very versatile and there are various opportunities for self improvement within the company. We're hiring experienced IT professionals, project managers and service developers, talented salespersons and client service professionals and good mailmen and mail processers.

We offer different opportunities for students and youngsters for completing their school internship or starting a career. Omniva is a wonderful workplace for everyone who share our values.
  • We support your development

    • Trainings
    • Language courses
    • Development programs
    • Annual conferences
    • Leadership forum
    • Teamwork events
    • Scholarship for final papers
  • We support you

    • Choosing best talents
    • Choosing best employees in divisions
    • Winter vacation
    • Work jubilee bonus starting from 10th working year
    • Retirement bonus
  • We value your family

    • Christmas parties and gifts for children of employees
    • Bonus on the birth of a child
    • Summer days and family days
    • Nursery
    • Support on both happy and sad life events
  • We care about your health

    • Sports club
    • Compensation for glasses
    • Additional free days for employees handling heavy objects
    • Health week with lectures, tests and information materials
  • We will help you to save money

    • Bonus offers for health products, spare time events, trainings, footwear, fuel, bank services, and durable goods.
Our greatest value are our client centered, trustworthy and innovative employees. We value the improvement of our employees and allowing them to grow with the company. Both our leaders and specialists can participate in different development programs and trainings, we also acknowledge graduates and encourage climbing up the career ladder within the company.

We value safety at the workplace and provide different bonuses for increasing their well-being. Provided bonuses are meant for supporting the health of our employees and valuing their family.
Both smaller and greater achievements will be acknowledged and celebrated as one family. We value our senior employees by acknowledging them on their work jubilees and offering them additional days off in winter.

Omniva is hiring people who love to move and care about their health. Our employees have the opportunity to practice different types of sport all across Estonia and we have been awarded with the title of the sportiest company in Estonia for six years in a row.

The young

We aim to help with developing the working habits of the young. Tens of students acquire their first work experience with Omniva and have the opportunity to apply their skills under the supervision of professional leaders and managers. Our internships are meant for bright students who are passionate about their subject field, independent, willing to learn and to play as a team. We offer internships for students from trade schools and universities who are studying following specialties: sales and client service, logistics, information technology, accounting, economy, personnel management. As a rule we do not offer wages for interns and ask them to conclude a confidentiality agreement with us.
  • Independent, open-minded, willing to learn, focused on co-operation

  • Students and graduates from trade schools and universities

  • Multiple internship openings

In addition, we have job openings for the young during Christmas and summer periods, allowing them to earn some extra money and get used to the working life. When working as a mailman, warehouse worker, data entry clerk, mail processer, assistant or on some other position, the young will learn more about working life, acquire new skills and knowledge and earn some extra money. Our team welcomes trustworthy, reliable and friendly new members.
Creating internships and seasonal job openings gives our company a way to find entrepreneurial and expert young people and potential future colleagues.

If you wish to attend an internship or seasonal job, contact us by e-mail [email protected] and don't forget to include your CV and motivation letter describing what, when and why you wish to do in Omniva.

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