The logistics company Post11 is closing down

The joint undertaking Post11, which offers comprehensive international logistics solutions to e-merchants, will cease operations on 1 July 2022.
‘The decision to close Post11 was not as easy one, but due to the changed business environment and changes in the strategy of SF Express in Europe, the owners mutually agreed to close down the undertaking,’ said Triin Oselein, CEO of Post11. ‘I thank the dedicated team of Post11 and the owners of the joint undertaking for their excellent cooperation. In addition, I thank all customers and partners of Post11.’
Post11 is a joint undertaking founded in 2015 by Omniva and SF Express, the largest privately owned courier company in China. It employs 27 people. The undertaking offers e-merchants comprehensive international logistics solutions for the delivery of goods all over the world. Over the years, the joint undertaking has been an important strategic partner for SF Express. Post11 has offered various logistics solutions for handling e-goods through global postal and commercial channels and its network of European terminals. The Tallinn terminal has been a strategic location for the supply of goods to Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, which has been significantly affected by the war between Ukraine and Russia.


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