The cost of declaring parcels from third countries will change from April

As of 1 April 2022, the declaration of parcels arriving from third countries, i.e. from outside of the European Union, by using the manual process will cost 15 euros. The manual procedure is used to declare consignments with a value of more than 150 euros, as well as consignments of a lower value which contain restricted goods or in the case of which Omniva has been authorised to declare the consignment by a power of attorney issued on paper or by email. In order to receive the parcels quickly and at a favourable price, Omniva advises to use the e-service to verify the data of the consignment and to authorise Omniva.
All consignments from third countries must be declared – purchases from online stores as well as gifts from other private persons. People can also declare their own consignments free of charge via the e-service or at the offices of the Tax and Customs Board. Further information about declaration can be found on the website of the Tax and Customs Board: https://www.emta.ee/en/private-client/consignments-travel-settlement/consignments
Omniva is providing the service to those who would like to buy the declaration service as a convenience service, but also if the individual does not have the possibilities or skills required for using the e-service. In the latter case, the process of manual declaration is used. In the case of such consignments, the customer can only pay the taxes and the fee for customs services upon receipt of the parcel at a post office, as such consignments cannot be issued via other channels (parcel machine, courier).
Declaration of goods with a value of up to 150 euros via the e-service remains automatic and the price of the service for the customers remains unchanged. The cost of an automatic e-declaration, 2.35 euros including value added tax, is still the same.
In order to receive your parcel quickly and smoothly, Omniva advises to register an account at www.omniva.ee and use the e-declaration functionality. For this purpose, customers can create an account by using their ID-card, Smart-ID, or Mobile-ID and registered customers will receive a unique link in a text message or email upon the arrival of a parcel which requires declaring, which can be used to authorise Omniva to draw up the documents for the release of goods.
It is not necessary to separately notify Omniva of the release of any goods which are being held at the customs terminal of Omniva. Omniva receives this information automatically and the consignments are handed over to the courier service or sent to your local post office or parcel machine.
As of 1 April, the possibilities for declaring consignments will be expanded with the following new services added:
Return declaration
The service is intended for redeclaring goods that have temporarily been sent out of Estonia. This primarily means goods undergoing warranty repairs.
The price is 15 euros (incl. VAT)
Amending the declaration, i.e. splitting the goods or cancelling them at the request of the recipient
The price is 35 euros (incl. VAT)
Information about the declaration services provided by Omniva can be found on the website https://www.omniva.ee/private/parcel/customs_clearance.

The new price list valid as of 1 April
for private customers
for business customers


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