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Tax change in the European Union will bring additions to the terms and conditions of postal and parcel services

An amendment to the VAT law will enter into force in the European Union on 1 July, pursuant to which import VAT will be payable on all commercial shipments from third countries starting from 0 euros. In connection with this, the standard terms and conditions of the universal postal service, EMS (Express Mail Service), and the maxi parcel service will also change from 1 July.
What are the main changes in the standard terms of service from 1 July?

  • Based on the authorisation of the recipient, Omniva can electronically declare the shipment on behalf of the recipient. Omniva will soon publish additional information on its website when the authorisation form becomes available in the declaration environment. Until then, shipments can be declared independently on the website of the Tax and Customs Board.
  • If the recipient of the parcel has not paid the import fee for the shipment declared by Omniva, it will not be delivered to the mailbox, but the recipient can pick it up at the post office. Import taxes payable are also paid there.
  • Omniva has the option to cancel the declaration if the recipient refuses to accept the shipment or does not pick up the shipment at the post office within a reasonable time. The service fee for a declaration made on the basis of the authorisation of the client will not be cancelled in such a case.
  • The shipment can be stored in the customs terminal free of charge for up to 7 calendar days from the transmission of the notice of its arrival. For a fee, the shipment can be stored at the customs terminal for an additional 23 calendar days pending declaration.
  • If the sender sends a shipment from Estonia to a country outside the European Union which is not accompanied by a customs declaration and does not have the contact details of the sender, the shipment will not be sent to the country of destination. Instead, it will be stored for 6 months and then destroyed.
  • Due to the conditions changed by the Universal Postal Union, the additional Fragile Freight Service is no longer offered for international Universal Postal Service parcels.

The standard terms and conditions for Universal Postal Service from 1 July 2021 are available on the website of Omniva.


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