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Sending parcels and letters during the Christmas and New Year period

At the last weekend before Christmas, Omniva will be working practically around the clock but during the holidays (24 to 26 December) and on 1 January, the busy postal workers and couriers will be off duty, which means that there will not be any deliveries to and pickups from parcel machines during this time. Post offices will also be closed on these days. Parcels mailed on 23 December will be delivered to parcel machines on 27 December, while parcels mailed on 31 December will get there on 2 January.

We remind all senders: if a parcel is waiting for you at a post office or parcel machine, please pick it up at the first opportunity. This will allow us to quickly deliver the next customers’ parcels. As an incentive for customers to contribute to faster parcel flows, Omniva will enter the fastest senders in a drawing of 50 Olerex gift certificates with a value of 50 euros each. To be eligible to participate, customers must pick up a parcel within no more than four hours after its arrival.

If the parcel you are sending must arrive by Christmas, then it should be mailed before 20 December. A parcel mailed on 23 December will be delivered on 27 December. These are also the last days to mail Christmas cards. A reminder on how to properly write the address might be useful. For more information on this, visit the Omniva website.

The information line 661 6616 and info@omniva.ee will answer your questions:

Mon-Fri 9.00–20.00
Sat-Sun 9.00–15.00
* 24 Dec - 9.00-20.00
* 25-26 Dec - 9.00-15.00
* 31 Dec - 9.00-18.00
* 1 Jan - closed


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