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Post offices to remain open during the new restrictions

According to Eve Vuks, the head of Eesti Post's service channel unit, all post offices will remain open maintaining their normal schedules. “If a post office has previously been open on the weekends, then it will continue to do so,” said Vuks, commenting on the work organisation in light of new restrictions. Opening hours of all post offices are available in the Omniva website map application.
“Last spring’s experience showed that restricting the opening hours of shopping malls significantly raised the importance of e-commerce in daily shopping. Therefore, it is very important to keep parcel movement flowing across the country - keeping the post offices open is important here,” Vuks said, adding that Eesti Post will do everything in its capacity to make post office visiting safe for both the clients and the employees. “Here we ask the clients to cooperate and follow all the safety requirements. If possible, come to the post office alone, keep a 2 metre distance from other visitors and employees and wear a mask. We guarantee the availability of hand sanitisers and observe that the 50% room capacity is not exceeded at the offices,” Vuks explained.
At the Tallinn and Tartu post offices, the QR code-based queue solution helps to disperse people. Thanks to the solution, a person can see in real-time how the queue moves and when their turn comes. According to Vuks, instead of standing physically in a line, people can use the time in a safer and more effective manner, and run other errands at the mall or nearby places while waiting for their turn.
In addition to post offices, Omniva parcel machines can be used for sending and receiving parcels. Since all the parcel machines are located outside, the risk of infection is lower there. Omniva parcel machine touchscreens are cleaned each time they are filled and all procedures can be performed without removing gloves, contactless payment is also possible.


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