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Omniva will face peak season with faster delivery and expanded network

Kristi Unt, Head of Operations at Omniva, explains what the company is doing differently this season to cope with seemingly ever-growing volumes. According to Unt, the peak season of parcel delivery has already begun.
Besides to planned additional workforce and extra gig-workers, Omniva is also reorganizing its traditional parcel delivery systems in order to meet the growing volumes of Christmas season. ’’Large parcel volumes have already arrived and therefore we have started to deliver parcels on Sundays as well. In other words, from now until the end of the year, we move packages seven days a week and essentially 24 hours a day," said Unt. "We will also be increasing the amount of same-day deliveries for the Christmas season. This way we can deliver more parcels to our customers. ”
As the peak season for sending parcels approaches, the country's largest parcel machine network will also achieve its’ top form. "We will upgrade our entire parcel machine network to a newer and better software by October, equip couriers with faster handheld PDA’s and expand the most popular parcel machines," explained Unt. „In fact, a large part of the parcel network expansion is going to take place in smaller cities and parishes, where parcel traffic has grown significantly this year." According to Unt, as many as 24 popular locations will get additional lockers this year.
In the coming months the company will reuse the concept of mobile parcel points to distribute parcels to customers in popular locations, where lockers are overflowing. "The past few years have shown that despite constant expansions, the most popular parcel lockers prove to be still too small during peak volumes. Therefore we have created pop-up parcel points where customers can receive their shipment as conveniently, quickly and safely as from a locker,” explained Unt. "Fast and flexible solutions like this help us deliver up to 1500 additional packages to our customers each day."
Last Christmas saw record parcel volumes, but according to Unt, last peak period of parcel delivery passed without any problems due to thorough planning. In total, Omniva delivered more than 1.5 million packages to Estonian customers in December. The most popular day for receiving parcels was December 18, when the packages reached almost 90,000 people.
According to Omniva, the parcel volume grows by about 20% each year. Trends show that a similar growth rate will continue in the coming years.


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