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Omniva will create a convenient declaration environment for non-European goods

From 1 July, new pan-European tax amendments will come into force, and it will become mandatory to declare and pay VAT on parcels from third countries (e.g. USA, China and now also the UK) that cost less than 22 euros. This means that the lower limit of tax exemption for goods outside of Europe will be abolished. For this purpose, Omniva will develop an application where the client sees the information of the goods they will receive and can declare them quickly and conveniently. 
The clients should also consider that taxation of the goods depends on when the parcel arrives to the country, not when it was ordered. This means that the client must declare and pay VAT on all goods coming from outside of Europe after 1 July, regardless of whether the goods were ordered from the third country’s e-store in June, May or even earlier.
Omniva will develop an application for the Minu.Omniva.ee platform for more convenient declaration of goods, which allows tracking incoming parcels, authorise Omniva to declare the parcels for you and pay the necessary fees.
“The app will help people save time on formalities, allowing them to perform all the necessary declaration processes in one environment.  If the electronic preliminary information of the shipment is sent correctly from the destination country, it is possible to declare your parcel quickly and conveniently before it arrives in Estonia. This creates an environment for the parcel to move to the recipient immediately without additional delays for customs formalities,” said Omniva head of international segment Marita Mägi.
Whereas before the declaration convenience service cost 10 euros per shipment, now a multiplier fee will be applied for duty-free i.e. shipments that cost less than 150 euros. In addition to the import duties, the person who orders must also pay a small buffer fee to even out the exchange rate differences, the excess of which will be refunded to the client automatically once the shipment has arrived to Estonia and released by customs.
For shipments where customs duties (value from 150 euros), irregular VAT rates or other restrictions apply the usual manual declaration process is used and the current declaration fee is valid.
“It is already possible to sign up in the minu.omniva.ee environment today. This way you can conveniently declare your shipments once 1 July arrives. At the moment, it is possible to perform all other parcel processes there and select preferred channels for receiving the parcel,” Mägi said.
The majority of parcels costing less than 22 euros arrive to Estonia from China. Since the tax changes are implemented across Europe, notethat people’s interest in ordering from China will be greater than normal in this quarter, and therefore the risk of extended delivery times is also more prevalent. This in turn means that the goods might not reach Estonia before July. To ensure faster and tracked shipping, Omniva recommends using the AliExpress Standard Shipping when ordering from AliExpress or consider express shipping solutions.


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