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Omniva to expand its Baltic locker network in light of increased volumes

The company will start a large-scale expansion in the entire Baltic region in December, as a result of which the largest parcel machine network in the region will grow by 20%. As part of the expansion, new parcel machines will be installed and existing ones will be expanded.

In Estonia, the expansion will include 11 counties and 32 new parcel machines. Across the Baltics, 141 new parcel machines will be added to the network and 86 existing popular parcel machines will be expanded.
According to Kristi Unt, the head of Omniva Estonia, the expansion of the Estonian parcel machine network will focus on finding efficiency and hotspots for parcel traffic. ‘Over the years, we have built the largest parcel machine network in Estonia and the Baltics with well-thought-out locations,’ Unt noted. ‘With the expansion starting in December, we will further expand the network.’

‘Thanks to the expansion, we will reach several settlements where people have not been able to use parcel machines so far. On the one hand, our parcel machines that are located outdoors allow customers to receive their parcels more conveniently and securely. On the other hand, we see that parcel machines help launch local e-commerce in smaller settlements,’ said Unt.
According to Unt, the expansion starting in December is just one step in the coming developments that aim to bring parcel services even closer to people. ‘In addition to the expansion, we will also introduce several new solutions to the market in the coming months, which will make sending and receiving parcels more accessible and convenient for people, but at the same time make delivery more efficient and environmentally friendly,’ Unt added.
According to Omniva, the number of parcels sent with the help of parcel machines has multiplied compared to a couple of years ago because the combination of e-shops and parcel machines is the safest way to make purchases. According to Unt, the growing parcel machine network also helps to better serve the rapidly growing e-commerce parcel volume.
The parcel machines of Omniva are available regardless of the time of day and day of the week. In addition, they are located outdoors where there are fewer people and the risk of infection is lower. The touch screens of the parcel machines are cleaned regularly, but the machine can also be used without physical contact: the screens of the parcel machines of Omniva also work with gloves, and when paying for the goods, it is possible to use contactless payments in all parcel machines.



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