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Omniva: Record volumes are here but the parcels move smoothly

Parcel volumes start growing in the logistics world before December and by now, the record volumes are already here. Thanks to expanding the parcel machine network, getting the new logistics centre settled in, planning the labour force and developing the logistics process the record amount of parcels runs through Omniva incredibly smoothly.
“Our parcel networks have grown by numerous new parcel machines and lockers that help to fit all the Christmas parcels. Compared to November last year, the Omniva network has more than a hundred additional parcel machines,” said head of Omniva parcel business Andre Veskimeister. He added that the new Omniva logistics centre is also ready to accept and sort the record volume of parcels. Thanks to various developments the company manages to deliver significantly more parcels to the clients while also handling the larger volumes with no problems.
Since the parcel machines usually do not have any queues and are open regardless of the day or hour, they are also the most popular places for the clients to receive their parcels. During Christmas time, Omniva fills and empties the parcel machines several times a day to make sure all shipments reach their destinations on time.
“We would like to ask people to pick up their parcel as soon as possible if they know a parcel is waiting at the post office or in a parcel machine. This way the next person’s parcel can be placed in the machine on time and the parcel will arrive sooner,” Veskimeister said. He added that since December is the peak season in logistics world, Christmas shopping should be done as soon as possible. “It would be wise to make the Christmas purchases from Estonian stores today and not leave these in the second half of December, because the online stores, too, are extremely busy during this period.”
The statistics show that in the final two months of the year, Omniva delivers the normal parcel volume of three months. During the weeks right before Christmas, the parcel volumes nearly double compared to normal. Omniva hands over more than 40,000 parcels a day to the clients.


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