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Omniva prepares for peak volumes in light of new restrictions

Last spring, the lockdown nearly doubled the parcel volumes in parcel machines, and the closure of physical shops will also boost online shopping this year. In order to successfully manage the growing parcel volumes in the coming weeks, Omniva will once again adopt measures similar to those during the Christmas period. 
“Looking at the experience from last spring, it is likely that after the stores are closed the parcel volumes will go up to Christmas season levels. We are ready for this, and to make sure the shipments reach people in time during the restrictions, we fill the parcel machines several times a day and, if required, open temporary parcel points,” Omniva member of the management board Kristi Unt said. “Currently, parcels are issued smoothly and without delay - the majority of national parcels reach their destination by the following day.”
As the post offices were closed together with the shopping malls last spring, the number of shipments sent to parcel machines almost doubled during the restrictions. “According to the current information, post offices will remain open with a 25% occupancy limit. It is mandatory to wear a mask when visiting a post office, and we also ask to follow the capacity limit and keep a distance,” Unt said.
Although post offices remain open, we encourage reducing contacts when using the services - use the self-service channels, i.e. parcel machine and e-shop for parcel and post services. “Since the extent of the virus is concerning, we ask to visit a post office only when absolutely necessary,” Unt said. “For example, it is possible to buy stamps, cards, envelopes and packaging materials sold at the post office from the e-shop and receive them directly to your mailbox. However, if visiting a post office is required, please check the opening hours of the post office from the Omniva website map application, because these could change due to the COVID-19 situation.”
Risk of infection is lower outdoors and thus the contact free parcel machine located outside is currently the preferred method for receiving and sending parcels. All Omniva parcel machines are located outside, the touch screens are regularly cleaned and it is possible to use the machine while wearing gloves. It is possible to use contactless payment at all parcel machines.
At the moment there are no queues at parcel machines, but due to the growing volumes, these may appear at more popular machines. As the parcel volumes grow, it is possible to check from the Omniva website map application which parcel machines have a queue and select the nearest alternative. This information is also displayed in the shipping options of e-stores with automatic data exchange. 
Larger post offices have QR-code-based queue solutions, which received a lot of positive client feedback during Christmas. With the new solution, the client can use their time more effectively and wait for their turn without standing in a physical queue.
There are currently no major halts or errors in the movement of parcels or letters coming from abroad, but longer delivery times must still be considered in certain cases. 


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