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Omniva parcel machines hold twice as many parcels as last year

Within in the first seven months of 2020, 92% more parcels were retrieved from Omniva parcel machines than over the same period last year. Growth in parcel volumes is primarily thanks to the increasing popularity of e-commerce and parcel machines located outside.
According to head of Omniva parcel business Andre Veskimeister, this year’s volumes are at a record high. “In the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian parcel market,” Veskimeister said, “we see that this is no longer a temporary boost. Large parcel volumes which started during the state of emergency in spring are here to stay.” 
According to Veskimeister, earlier forecasts indicated that such e-commerce growth would arrive in the next few years. “In only a few months in 2020,” Veskimeister said, “we have taken a leap forward equal to several years. It is clear that people have discovered and embraced the advantages of e-commerce and parcel machines. Those who have a positive experience with online shopping will do their next shop online and will not go to a physical store to make a purchase.” 
According to Veskimeister, the safety of e-stores and parcel machines continues to be an important factor. “In light of the recent growing numbers of infections,” Veskimeister said, “it is worth remembering that online shopping combined with a parcel machine close to home continues to be the undisputed safest way to shop.”
To handle the increasing parcel volumes, Omniva has expanded the capacity of more popular parcel machines and therefore the machines are not being overfilled and delivery times are normal. 
Omniva parcel machines are open regardless of the date and time, they are located outside where there are fewer people and the risk of infection is lower. The parcel machine touch screens can also be used without having any contact with publicly used surfaces: Omniva parcel machine screens can be used wearing gloves and it is possible to use contactless payment at all parcel machines.
Parcel business is the fastest growing segment of the Eesti Post group. The six-month turnover of the Omniva Baltic parcel business formed a record 49% of the group’s turnover in the first six months of 2020 (37% in the same period in 2019). The Latvian and Lithuanian subsidiaries grew at an especially rapid rate, the six-month turnover of which formed 21% of the group’s turnover (12% in the same period in 2019). 


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