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Omniva: order your purchases to the parcel machine

Due to the spread of the coronavirus many merchants have directed their operations to online stores, which has caused an increase in parcel volumes. Omniva continues recommending that clients prefer parcel machines, which ensure providing the fastest and safest service for people.
According to the head of Omniva’s parcel business, Andre Veskimeister, the parcel machine network is the only supply channel of the company that has not been affected by the state of emergency restrictions. “Our most important task is to ensure that our clients can receive their parcels safely. Currently, the best solution in this situation is the parcel machine. All parcel machines are open and work 24/7, are located outdoors, and can be used wearing gloves,” Veskimeister said. “Keeping the 2+2 distance is also easier at the parcel machine, making it the safest delivery channel in the current time of crisis.”
Omniva has raised its delivery capacity even higher than during Christmas and regardless of immense parcel volumes the majority of national shipments are still delivered to the parcel machines by the next day. “More than 70% of the shipments reach the parcel machine by the next day, the rest by the day after the next day or by the third day at the latest. Here we also ask all our clients to help by picking up their parcels as quickly as possible. This way we help each other out of the crisis faster,” said Veskimeister.
Due to the state of emergency government committee decision 19 post offices were closed in Estonia, more than half of these in Tallinn. As an exception only those shopping centre post offices remain open from which it is impossible to reroute the shipments within the city or that have a separate entrance from the shopping centre. “To mitigate this, we have extended the storage period of ALL the parcels at post offices until 20 April regardless of the notifications sent to the clients in the meantime. Therefore, all clients have a reasonable time window to pick up their parcel,” Veskimeister said.
To handle the parcels from the closed Tallinn post offices the opening hours of others have been extended (Mon.-Fri. 9-20, Sat. 10-15) and two additional distribution points have been opened – Majaka (Pallasti 28) and Pirita (Pirita centre, Merivälja tee 24). At the moment, Omniva is working on a solution that would allow the clients to extend the parcel storage times at the post office and reroute the parcels from post office to parcel machine, if necessary. “We will publish this information soon,” Veskimeister added.
“Under the current crisis conditions, people’s preferences and possibilities for obtaining parcels are very different from normal and we are ready to take this into account,” Veskimeister said. “The fastest way to let us know of your preference is to fill out the form at minu.omniva.ee.”
According to Veskimeister, all users can direct their parcels arriving at the post office from abroad to preferred parcel machines. “This takes only a couple of minutes, but will save you from any difficulties with obtaining your parcel. Additionally, clients can provide five preferences, meaning that even if one parcel machine is full, we can direct their parcel to the next preferred one,” Veskimeister said.
The parcel machines are open regardless of the date and time. A majority of the Omniva parcel machines are located outside where there are fewer people and the risk of infection is lower.  The parcel machine touch screens are regularly cleaned, but the machines can also be used without having any contact with the publicly used surfaces: Omniva parcel machine screens can be used wearing gloves and it is possible to use contactless payment at all parcel machines.


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