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Omniva opens an additional hub for cross-border logistics in Kaunas, Lithuania

On 2 June, Omniva opened an international transit sorting centre in Kaunas. The centre will start sorting international e-commerce shipments that predominantly come from China and move on to various countries around the world.
The Omniva international transit segment operates in five important hubs: Tallinn, London, Amsterdam, Hachenburg and now Kaunas. The contact centre for international transit and e-commerce customers is located in Bangladesh. 
“The new sorting centre will handle more than ten million shipments a year,” Omniva head of international transit area Sven Kukemelk said. “For this facility, we have developed our own sorting software which is tailored to the sorting needs of international transit.”
The new sorting centre is located at the closed customs zone of the Kaunas airport. The facility operates on a 6500 m2 area and will create 55 new jobs in Lithuania.
Meanwhile, Omniva will continue its international transit sorting also in Tallinn, Estonia. “Baltics is the home market for Omniva, thus operating simultaneously in Kaunas and Tallinn is efficient. Alongside the new hub, Tallinn will surely remain as an important logistics hub,” Kukemelk added.
The Kaunas hub will be developed in cooperation with Hoptrans Logistics, fast-growing international transport and logistics provider. Main activity of the company is road transportation, though Hoptrans also offers versatile logistics solutions, combining different freight modes and organizes projects for E-commerce business.
“We appreciate that such market player as Omniva evaluated our long-term experience working in Kaunas airport and have chosen us as reliable partner to develop this project, which is significant to the whole Baltic region,” said Rimvydas Melkūnas, Hoptrans Logistics Chief Executive Officer.
Omniva group consists of parent company AS Eesti Post and related companies. The main area of activity of AS Eesti Post is the provision of postal and logistics services. The principal activity of SIA Omniva and UAB Omniva LT is the provision of parcel machine and courier services in the Latvian and Lithuanian markets. The area of activity of AS Maksekeskus is the provision of payment solutions for e-commerce companies in the Baltic states, whereas Finbite OÜ offers e-invoice and fintech solutions across the Baltic states and Post 11 provides international logistics solutions for online merchants for delivering goods worldwide.
The group employs 2300 people across the Baltic states, and turnover for 2020 was 135.6 million euros.


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