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Omniva increases the transparency of parcel tracking

Previously, the parcel tracking data also included events noting the movement of parcel data; now, however, the customer will only see the physical movement of the parcel for the sake of clarity.
According to Evert Rööpson, Head of Operations at Omniva, the excessively detailed and technical information was confusing for the customers; thus, the decision was taken to simplify the parcel movement events displayed under tracking information. ‘The numerous events in parcel tracking (via the Track&Trace system) which marked the movements of the parcel data between Omniva and customs authorities were confusing for the customers. If the parcel data was incomplete, there could be several back-and-forth movements, which made the customers feel as if their parcels were being transferred from one shelf to another in the hands of Omniva instead of moving towards the final destination,’ explained Rööpson. ‘Now, the customer will only see a new event under the tracking information when the parcel has actually moved.’
According to Rööpson, the situation became especially problematic after the change in the value-added taxation applied to the parcels from third countries after 1 July, as the customs information is now also exchanged in the case of parcels with a value of under 22 euros, which form approximately 90–95% of all consignments from third countries. Now, the tracking information system has been modified and only the arrivals of the parcel at the customs terminal and later at the sorting centre are displayed to the customer.
Those international consignments which are released from customs supervision reach the destination within a few days, says Rööpson. Delays may occur if the customs information of the parcel is incomplete and further information must be provided by the customer.
While the first stage involved the improvement of the information about customs procedures, the company now intends to overhaul the entire journey of the parcel, according to Rööpson. ‘We want the parcel tracking information to be easily and unambiguously clear for all and to thereby better manage our customers’ expectations,’ Rööpson explained. ‘Our longer-term goal is to create a tracking environment which would include the parcel’s details from the moment of making the purchase and in which the parcel would be easy to trace throughout its entire journey. We are also planning to start displaying the environmental footprints of their consignemnts to the customers in the future.’


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