Omniva had a very successful Christmas

This year, Omniva made an ambitious promise to deliver all parcels by 23 December. We managed to do it by ensuring that our delivery was faster and of higher quality than ever before.

According to Kristi Unt, Member of the Board of Omniva, Omniva stood out from its competitors with fast deliveries throughout the pre-Christmas period, but this was especially noticeable just before the holidays. ‘If the merchant was able to deliver the shipments to us by the evening of 22 December, we delivered them to the customers on 23 December,’ said Unt. The high season of end-of-year e-shopping for Omniva began in early November with e-Monday, continuing with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. From the beginning of November to 23 December, Omniva delivered more than 1.5 million parcels.

 According to Unt, thorough preparation, previous experience, and the willingness of customers to cooperate also contributed to the success. ‘I would like to thank all of our customers who quickly picked up their shipments from parcel machines. This allowed us to deliver the parcels of other customers to the parcel machine on the same day. The smart solution introduced in November proved to be very useful – it allows us to store several parcels of one recipient in one locker and thus use parcel machines more efficiently and also offer a more convenient service to customers – all they have to do is enter one code,’ explained Unt. While on average, a person has 2–3 parcels waiting for them, the record was set in the parcel machine of Tartu Tasku Centre, where one recipient had 23 parcels in one locker.

 During the weeks with the largest parcel volume, more parcels had to be delivered to most parcel machines than could be placed there at one time. ‘As all the work processes worked smoothly and we were ready for large volumes, we managed to achieve the highest Christmas quality ever. Omniva delivered 90% of the parcels by the next day in December. Last year, this number was 75%,’ noted Unt.
 The fact that 75% of the parcels were picked up within a day is an indication of the willingness of customers to cooperate. Normally, 68% of parcels are picked up within the first day.

The most popular parcel machines were the ones in Maxima XX in Kuressaare, Kaubamajakas in Pärnu, and Kristiine Centre in Tallinn. In addition to larger cities, Paide, Viljandi, and Valga, for example, stood out.
 ‘The exceptionally successful Christmas is a win for the whole company. I am grateful to every employee who helped the shipments to reach the recipient on time and bring a lot of Christmas joy to thousands of people,’ Unt said about the contribution of each colleague.

Sending Christmas postcards is still popular

 This year also proved that the Estonian people still love to send postcards, especially during Christmas. ‘In December, almost a quarter of the annual amount of letters/postcards is sent. As usual, the busiest working days for mail sorters were just before Christmas. For example, 105,000 letters were sorted on 21 December, which were delivered by courier on 22 December. This year, postage stamps with custom designs were more popular and more people designed their own postcards in the online store of Omniva. People prefer to buy postcards and postage stamps mainly from post offices, but there are more and more customers who have discovered the convenient way of buying postage stamps and postcards from the online store of Omniva and ordering them either to their mailbox or to the nearest parcel machine,’ added Unt. 


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