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Omniva: by collecting your parcel quickly, you can do a good deed

According to Kristi Unt, the head of Omniva Estonia, the high season of e-shopping at the end of the year officially started with e-Monday. ‘The parcel volumes are already large and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still to come before Christmas. Omniva already fills the popular parcel machines several times a day, every day of the week, so that we could deliver more parcels to our customers. We ask people to do a small good deed and collect their parcel quickly, if possible. This way, everyone can help ensure that the ordered goods, many of which are definitely Christmas presents, arrive on time,’ said Unt.

Parcels are collected from the machines and replaced with new ones several times a day, which is why it is even more important that the parcels are collected during the same day if possible. Omniva’s statistics show that on average, 25% of parcels are collected during the first four hours of their arrival, 68% are collected during the first day, and 18% are collected the next day in Estonia.
‘For every day that a customer does not collect their parcel, we could deliver two new parcels to the next customers,’ Unt added.

Omniva has more than 250 parcel machines in Estonia, and in December, the parcel machine network will expand in eleven counties. The parcel machines of Omniva are accessible regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Furthermore, they are located outdoors where there are fewer people around and the risk of infection is lower. The touch screens of the parcel machines are cleaned regularly, but the machine can also be used without physical contact: the screens of the parcel terminals also work with gloved hands, and contactless payments are available in all parcel terminals.


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