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Logistics expert with vast international experience to lead Post11

This week, Triin Oselein, who has two decades of experience in the logistics sector, started working as a member of the board in Post11, the joint venture of Omniva and S.F. Express, the largest private capital-based courier company in China.
According to Post11 council member Charlie Viikberg, Oselein has extensive experience in the logistics sector, including managing international logistics and contributing to the e-commerce value chain. “This long-term international logistics experience will certainly be used to achieve the company’s goals,” Viikberg said.
“The aim of Post 11 is to execute the vision of owners with strong market positions, Omniva and S.F. Express, by using the existing partners network of Post11 and its continuous global expansion,” Oselein explained. “I am delighted to join the ambitious Post11 team to establish a long-term strategy and grow Post11's business operations in the constantly growing global e-commerce market.”
Previously, Oselein has worked as an international project director at Eurora Solutions OÜ, which develops global e-commerce infrastructure and customs solutions. From 2018 to 2019, she worked as a member of the board and operations manager at the logistics company GTS Express Group that offers e-commerce delivery solutions. Prior to that, in 2003-2017, Oselein held various positions at the Stora Enso group related with logistics management, and between 2015 to 2017 was the head of the Stora Enso global sea logistics centre in Sweden.

Oselein is currently wrapping up the strategic management MBA programme at the University of Tartu. She has a bachelor’s degree in public administration from Estonian Business School.
Omniva and S.F. Express, the largest Chinese courier company based on private capital, founded the joint venture Post11 in 2015. Post11 offers online merchants international logistics solutions for delivering goods worldwide.
The task of the company’s two-member management is to ensure the achievement of strategic and financial targets, to develop a vision and long-term strategy, and prepare action plans to achieve this.


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