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How does the Independence Day impact delivery times?

In connection with Estonian Independence Day on 24 February, we ask customers to take into account longer delivery times. 

Parcels delivered on 23 February in Estonia and across the Baltic region will arrive at their destination from 25 February onwards. On 23 February, the parcel machines in Estonia are emptied and filled according to Saturday’s schedule and the parcels will be on hold the following day. Be sure to check out the emptying times when sending parcels with the parcel machine. Promised delivery times apply only to the parcels inserted in the parcel machines before the last collection.

One extra day should also be added to normal delivery times in case of forwarding courier deliveries, as there will be no courier pickups or deliveries on 24 February. Courier and parcel machine deliveries for the Baltic states handed over in Estonia on 23 February will reach Riga and its vicinity from 25 February, the rest of Latvia from 26 February, and Lithuania from 26 February.

Most post offices are also closed on 24 February. Information on the opening hours of specific post offices is available on Omniva website and by calling 661 6616. Client information hotlines are available from 9:00 to 15:00 on Saturday, Sunday and the Independence Day.
We wish you a happy Independence Day and thank you for your understanding!


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