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Coronavirus unable to survive intercontinental shipping

According to the World Health Organization’s data, the virus has the following survival times: 24-48 hours on hard surfaces, 8-12 hours on porous surfaces (clothing, paper) and a maximum of 72 hours on damp surfaces.
Omniva international post specialists say shipments from China thus do not pose a serious danger. It currently takes one week and usually longer for parcels from China to arrive in Estonia. Sometimes it can take up to a few months and mostly parcels pass through intermediate centres (e.g. Moscow, Turkey etc.), which makes it very unlikely that the virus will spread through handling. Regardless of the very low risk, everyday hand hygiene is being taken very seriously at Omniva.
According to official Health Board data, the risk of coronavirus infection in Estonia is very low. While travelling (even within Europe), the Health Board’s recommendations for avoiding illness should be followed – it is recommended to follow ordinary good hygiene, above all washing hands properly. Refrain from contact with people with respiratory illness symptoms and cover mouth and nose if necessary.


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