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Clients should avoid physical queues at the post offices

Eesti Post's 15 largest post offices have QR code-based queue solutions, which received a lot of positive client feedback during Christmas. With the system, the client can simply scan the QR code with their telephone and the queue number will appear on the telephone screen. It is a contact-free solution and the client does not have to touch publicly used surfaces.
Eve Vuks, head of Omniva's post office network, calls for people to avoid contact at this time. “To stop the virus, we all need to reduce contacts as much as possible. Therefore, you should also visit a post office only in case of extreme need,” Vuks explained. “If it is nevertheless necessary, we ask the clients to keep a distance, wear a mask and use the contactless queue number solution, if possible. This way, the client does not have to stand in a physical queue.”
Currently, the QR code-based queue solution is used at 15 post offices across Estonia - ten in Tallinn, four in Tartu and one in Rakvere. “Considering the current situation, the contactless queue number is a superb solution because the client does not even have to be at the post office to get the number - they can do it at home, while standing in line at the grocery store or on their way to the post office,” Vuks added. 
According to Vuks, longer waiting times usually occur in the afternoons and evenings of business days. During these times, we ask the clients to consider longer waiting times and use the QR code-based queue number. QR code-based contactless queue system is used at the following post offices (your virtual queue number can be obtained from the following URL’s):
Pirita post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/13
Viimsi post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/15
Nurmenuku post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/3
Arsenali post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/14
Finest post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/17
Järve post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/9
Kristiine post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/11
Lasnamäe Centrum post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/2
Mustika post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/10
Pallasti post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/1
Eeden post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/5
Ringtee Tartu post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/6
Lõunakeskus post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/7
Kvartal post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/8
Rakvere post office: https://jarjekord.post.ee/branches/4


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